Betty Nguyen



Born and raised in Chicago, Betty has always been a music junkie.  Starting out as an open mic performer and dancer, she is familiar with a variety of music; from rap to country, from house to top 40, Betty knows a little bit of everything.

She started DJing in high school, finding a way to combine her love of performing with her skills in spinning tunes and can bring a lively energy to any event. Starting at fig as an intern, Betty is a blooming artist who is hoping to pursue a career in the music industry as a music producer and continue to make the world a better place one beat at a time.

DJ Betty did a phenomenal job at Tickled Pink 2016! She had everyone on their feet, dancing the night away. It was a great celebration, and thanks to Betty, our guests had an amazing time. We definitely hope to see her again next year!
— Ann Groothuis, Director of Marketing, Paramount Events